NativeScript + Angular. Never has such a lovely pairing happened, especially for those of us who write Angular. And because you can write Angular in NativeScript, you get access to the benefits of RxJS!

Can you use RxJS with NativeScript and no Angular? Yes, of course. But this article is to show you how to use all 3 languages together.

I’ll walk you through how to get started building a pun app in a few steps.

  1. Creating a simple NativeScript app with components, routes, and theming.
  2. Configure actions with RxJS and calling data from Angular services.

Goal: In the end we’ll have a lookahead search built using RxJS and be able to find and display puns in our NativeScript app.

What You Need Installed

Docs: NativeScript breaks their docs into NativeScript (pure JS) and NativeScript + Angular. Here is the link for you Angularians.

CLI: Install the NativeScript CLI globally $ npm install -g nativescript.

Xcode: If you’re on a Mac, you’ll need Xcode, which you can get from the app store here.

VSCode Plugins: Two plugins that are essential in NativeScript + Angular development are:

  1. Nathan Walker’s NativeScript + Angular Snippets
  2. Josh Summer’s Add Angular Native Files


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