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I’ve compiled 19 skills and topics you might find valuable in 2019. Please don’t get overwhelmed — neither I nor most other developers are familiar with every single topic. These are just the exciting things on my radar, and the JavaScript horizon is never-ending.

My name is Yoni Goldberg, an independent Node.JS consultant and the co-author of Node.js best practices. I work with customers at the USA, Europe and Israel on polishing their Node.js applications. Among my services are code, application and architecture review, testing & CI, advanced training sessions, and others which you may find hereFollow me on Twitter

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1. Add some types and schemas. Typescript is a great candidate in 2019

Coding in a typeless manner has proven to be counter-productive and error-prone (see research). That doesn’t mean you must go all the way toward strictly-typed syntax, rather choose your desired degree of schematic code either by just validating your entities/models using JSON schema (or Joi), to annotating your vanilla JS with static typing (see Facebook flow) or go all the way to using almost fully-typed syntax using Typescript. The later has gained remarkable momentum in 2018 and seems to find its way into the Node land consensus. If you do plan on using Typescript, ask yourself if your usage should span beyond just Typing features, otherwise using interfaces and abstract classes takes you into a paradigm you never meant to try


2. Enrich your Linters

Linters are a free lunch, with 5 min setup you get for free an auto-pilot guarding your code and catching significant issue as you type. Gone are the days where linting was about cosmetics (no semi-colons!). Nowadays, Linters can catch severe issues like errors that are not thrown correctly and losing information, promises that are never resolved and other sorrows that you never really meant to include in your code


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